Saturday, September 24, 2016

Three years later...

Boy, are there a lot of stories I could share with you...

You are now living in an apt in FL with mom and your new step-dad, Rich Nunez, Jr. I hope you are happy and have fun in your new school, neighborhood, making new friends. I know you probably miss your old friends, but I'll post a photo of them so you don't forget them.,

Neighborhood buddies on Falknor Drive. left to right: One of the Martin's grandchildren, Garrett, Carson, Ryan, the other Martin grandson, Malakai. (If you know them better- I always mix up Garret and Carson), put them in.

Great-great-Aunt Norma and great uncle Bob Smith. 

Great Aunt Paula (on wall) and Sheila (She-she) and Randy Brown

Papa, Great Aunt Janet holding cousin Elaina, Aunt Leslie, and Great Aunt Paula.

All the cousins (Zach and Jonathan on your scooters)

Aidan, Finn and Malakai

Uncle Jason and Mom
 Photos of all the families....

Uncle Jason, Auntie Emma and Phoebe, Felix and Finn. (with Aia=dan Zach and Jonathan



The girls....

Mom with her cousin Nick and girlfriend,

Great Uncle Tom and mom.

Mom, Gramma Smith and her caretaker, Patricia,.

Three generations....

Mom and sister, Leslie

Goofing with you...

Attack mode.

"I'm not touching you...."

Monday, March 11, 2013

That face!

Wish I had a photo of the face you give when you are 'AGHAST"!...

Makes me think of my mom saying, "Your face is gonna freeze like that!" Hopefully not. It's such an angry/appalled look. I hope it isn't a sign of things to come in the teen years.
 This is a smug look .... but not your usual one.
 This is when you were running a fever (although chocolate donuts are good even if you get it between your eyes. LOL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun with Rhythym at Mary Cheney Library

Boy did you have fun with this....

They are called, "Thrilling Thursdays" at the local library. Edward Leonard had you guys playing all his drums and percussion instruments sooooo LOUD that you'll notice some kids had their ears covered!! You got to switch to the left when he yelled "Switch"!
You got so excited that your tongue did the normal "Roach thing".... stuck between your teeth, and the faster you went, the faster the tongue went, side to side! LOL.

I think  you were surprised at the sound this made!

You even won a cape and mask in the weekly raffle! Lucky YOU!!

Tooth Fairy Days & Riding bicycles

I haven't written to you in a while. Sorry... I love that you are at the stage of teeth falling out. You lost your first one May 2nd (Papa's and my 15th anniversary-- it happened in school), and the second one May 25th, but boy is this third one giving you a hard time. the first two were on the bottom (front) and the top ones are working their way loose, now. One is so loose it's hard for you to eat much.

Some how I remember putting mine under my pillow wrapped in kleenex and getting a few quarters. You got $2 for the first one (inflation) and .75 for the 2nd. Wonder how much this next one will be?

This summer you finally figured out how to ride your two-wheeler without training wheels. We took them off last year, but you just couldn't get it. Mom didn't always want to be outside with you, running after the bike, and truthfully, neither did I (I was usually making dinner when you asked to go out), but I was never sorry I did. We even decorated your bike for the 4th of July, just like I used to do with MY bike as a kid. (Sorry the flags that we stuck in your handles broke the first time you fell. That happens).

I really love being part of your life as you grow. I know you get grouchy when you have to come in, but we all did. You're my favorite boy, you know...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Maybe you should be a Nurse...?

You are the most precious, loved little guy... I'm just saying....

I was really sick the other day. Migraine, of which I suffer from occasionally (used to have much more than I do now), and was sick with it. I'd been sick a few times that morning (Tues) and thankfully, I was home from work anyway, but stayed laying low for the day. When you came home from kindergarten, you were pretty quiet (playing with your PSP- which I never liked, BTW), so I got to sleep upstairs in my bed for a while.

I came downstairs to see how my stomach would be if I put some food in it. Not good. I decided to head upstairs soon after to end the night with more sleep. Now, I say this, because it's important. I, usually, tuck you in with either a story (sometimes a 'secret' story--those that I make up as I go along), a song, the Lord's Prayer, or a hug, ... all with the comment "Love you, don't let the bedbugs bite!"
So anyways, I started to get off the couch and say goodnight to everyone, and you put down your PSP (I think you may have been told you'd been on it long enough), came over to me and put your arm around my waist and said, "I'll tuck you in, Gramma".

Off we headed upstairs... me, trying to keep my bucket handy,in case...and you trying to 'help' me up the stairs. Once I got into bed, you were trying to have me turn on the light (light was not good for me), so you could sing me a song. I knew I was gonna get sick (which I did), and you were so concerned for me..."Can I see it, Gramma". "Are you okay?"... Try to puke, not laugh, not be able to talk,,...all at once.  Once I was done getting sick in the bucket, I said I'd be back, I had to get rid of it (I even think you followed me and still wanted to see it"NO, Malakai, It's GROSS!!").

Off we were, back to bed again. This time I knew I wouldn't get sick, so I let you pull up the covers and you leaned over (almost in my face) to sing, very softly... "Abcd, efg, ..." all the way through the song. When you got done, you patted my hand (I wouldn't let you kiss my face right then), blew me a kiss and said "don't let the bedbugs bite. ...I love you. ...Hope you feel better, Gramma"....

How sweet it that?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hey, .... You're 6!

It's funny. You are 6 today on "Super Bowl Sunday" (BTW, the NY Giants and the New England Patriots are playing this year), and you were born on Super bowl Sunday. Cool, huh? Every time they say something on tv about 'super bowl', you suddenly voice, "Hey, they said my birthday!!"

I hope you know think every year ON Super Bowl Sunday, that it's your birthday...LOL. We'll humor you just so long, my little buddy. I can't wait until you wake up (you are still in bed), so I can give you your present (soft, fluffy bathrobe and Tonka digger - remote). We will have your party NEXT Sunday, as everyone seems as though they might have plans today. And since mom works all kinds of days including weekends, we'll do it at dinnertime. (4pm-7pm). Pizza, maybe some games, who knows).

This was a day when we were home on a Sat and you set up your 'band' on the kitchen floor. The problem arose when I finished making stuff in the kitchen and moved to the living room. It wasn't a problem for ME, just you had no audience for your band. So the next thing I hear is you asking me to help bring things in the living room so you could have me hear your 'concert' better (like I wouldn't hear BANGING pots and pans from the other room???!). I told you that you could do it yourself, and ...guess what?

 You did.....dragged the whole things through the dining room, around the staircase, into the living room. And then proceeded to perform for me. Thanks for making me laugh!
Have to mark your height on the kitchen door molding!